Foundations you can build on

Business philosophy

 We support the customer oriented business model

  • The purpose of our business is to provide excellent services to our clients
  • Our services are tools supporting this purpose
  • The profit is a fruit of our good work

 We reject the business model experienced currently

  • The sole purpose of the business is making profit
  • The client is a tool to reach the purpose
  • The provided service is a cost factor

 We believe in the value and applicability of our services and that they can create value to our customers.

Business valuation 

You consider selling your business or involve investors to further develop it, or simply just would like to know the value of your enterprise under a certain economic environment? We help you to get a real and independent picture on the value of your business and can also support the process to sell your enterprise.

Financial advisory

Would you like to develop further your enterprise or just simply consider the available financing options? In both cases we can help you to find the most appropriate financing for your business, be it equity or debt.

Tax advisory 

There is one thing certain about tax rules: they change continously and become more complex. Even experts specialized in this field have difficulties to understand it. We take it important that our clients have a healthy tax operation and can explore all the opportunities provided by the relevant tax regulations.


Many people consider this activity as a job to be done. We would like to help our clients to reach their objectives with efficient and legally valid operation. 

Business planning and modelling

From time to time it make sense to stop for a while and think over at what stage my business is and which direction I intend to develop it. In case of starting up a business or developing a new product or service it is a must. We help you in three steps to go deep into the topic but use practically applicable methods: (1) Setting vision, mission and objectives; (2) Reconsidering the business model; (3) Creating a business plan. We believe it is crucial to provide our clients with a methodology helpful in making their decisions day by day.